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As a Teacher, You Need to be thankful for your Profession

I’m from a family where a majority of family members, relatives are in teaching profession me too initially started with the same profession. There are several points which inspire many let me illustrate them..) For some teachers, self-esteem, and value originate from the gratefulness that they get from students. While this is an incredible and critical type of approval, self-appreciation...

The remarkable rise of the ‘introductory’ job interview. Off Office, Over a coffee etc.

The remarkable rise of ‘introductory’ prospective employee meet-up.And how to prepare for one  A senior level manager at a competitor company might want to ‘meeting’ you, but it’s not part of a formal hiring process, no HR individuals are tagging along, and they need to meet over a coffee, not at their office. Indeed, there’s no actual vacancy on offer...

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