Practices that May Result in Construction Claims

Construction Claims In a perfect world, the owner never changes his mind, the engineer never alters his drawings, the contractor never has execution problems, the resident engineer’s decisions are perfect, and Mother Nature behaves herself. That perfect world does not exist. In the real world, with geometric precision, the forces of the owner, engineer, contractor, and Mother Nature combine to...

Few things every successful business have in like manner 

I frequently pondered whether business administration theory mirrors the down to earth substances today. Do organizations truly succeed on the grounds that they have the correct item at the perfect time? Would businesses be able to prevail despite economic situations? All the more significantly, what amount of business achievement is luckiness, and what amount is great administration? Throughout the years,...

What would it be a good idea for you to search for in the People you hire? 

Most leaders I’ve met want to build an elite organization. Naturally, they know that this requires great people. But, few of them have ever taken the time to define precisely what they are searching for with regards to the perfect candidate.  Good leaders begin the recruiting process with a written job description. This generally includes the required educational experience and...

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